Friday, July 27, 2012

The Flaming Muffin

Mornings are hectic all around the world,  I'm sure, and our house is no exception. Of course, he works at night and I work mid-morning, so I usually get up before him, and while I'm about to hustle out, he's sleepily preparing breakfast and chugging down vitamins.
The other day, I smelled something burning. Big-time. Not toasted, but charred.
I am upstairs. He's on the same level as the kitchen.
"ROC! Something's burning!" I yell down to him as I grab my last few things and the dog starts to bark.
I hear the toaster oven open and close, and then the deck door open, plus the kitchen fan going on.
By the time I high-tail it downstairs, there's smoke, and I apparently just missed a mini-fire.
He looks at me.
"Did you burn it?!" I am annoyed, as I made a special stop and bought him a gourmet muffin the night before.
"A little. It's fine." The King of Understatement is shooing me away. "Go to work."
"I can't believe they let you carry a gun."

That would be funny enough, but I can't stop there. I continue the conversation by calling him from the car. Last week, he had another toaster oven incident in which case he burned my bagel. I remind him of this, then tell him that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
He wishes me a good day.


  1. Your story made me snort. My husband is the same way! I just dropped off his uniform at the dry cleaner and luckily she checked the pockets because she found his driver's license! How do you forget your license in your uniform pocket?? Today I'll be driving 2 hours to give it back to him since he's away at training all week.
    They may be great officers, but sometimes I wonder if they'd lose their heads if they weren't attached.

  2. My husband insists it's because of all the things he has to remember; the gun, the shield, all his gear...testimony if he's going to court...etc...he tells me there's only so much head space...!
    Now how is it that us ladies remember everything?!
    :) Stella


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