Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Vicious Cycle

So far two men have been arrested for the shooting of the four-year-old boy that happened in the Bronx this past weekend.
I should use the term men loosely, as one of the people arrested was seventeen years old.
I think back to what I was doing when I was seventeen. I had just graduated high school. My life was not easy back then, but it was also not over. I had things to look forward to; hopes and dreams for a future. This seventeen year-old kid is, in essence, done. His life is over. He's just been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.
And this time, the community won't shield him. They're getting tired of the punk-ass gang wars popping off in their neighborhood. They're weary.

The New York Post reports:

Family friend Melody Nelson, who helped set up a memorial outside Lloyd’s family’s home, said the arrest was “great news.”
“Of course, they’re all 17,” Nelson said.
“That’s what they do, they shoot.”
Pointing to Lloyd’s shrine, she said, “He’s not the only kid.
“There’s going to be a million more.”
The sad news is that it's a vicious cycle. One child is dead, but two lives are lost.
For that, we should be sad.

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