Monday, July 9, 2012

The Twitter Feed

For those of you who haven't noticed my nifty little "Now Tweeting!" Banner at the top right corner of the Blog...I am here to tell you that I tweeting! If you're wondering why I chose to do this now, rather than when I set up the Facebook Page(s) or even why I didn't do it when I set up the blog, I'll tell you this...I'm over 40. And really, I always had the impression that Twitter was a younger person's game, or that you had to be relegated to celebrity status in order to have a Twitter account.
Not so, I've come to find out. Let's start with the raw truth: I began the Twitter account when I was looking for a new way to promote the SCW Live Show that I just performed in June. I had saved my name (Suddenly Cop Wife) a while back but had never done anything about it. A much younger friend (read: computer techie guy) convinced me to at least grab my name at that point. I did it, figuring I would never actually use the thing. Then came The Show. And then came the finding out about a new social medium.
Let me say this: I like Twitter. It's different than Facebook, which most people don't get...I think I thought it was just a shorter version of Facebook posts, but it's not, and in some ways it's far more real.
Much to my chagrin, here's what I've found this week under #NYPD:

Fact: In over half of all cites “high crime area” as “additional circumstance” even in precincts w/ below average crime...

We have & his unaccountable on the defensive. Now let's end once and for all.

Really? 104 Pct Cops in Queens NY giving out citations for people with sparklers! I'm sure you guys had nothing better to do!

The War on Muslims, New York Style:
| Welcome to the largest spying programme by a local law enforcement agency.

Of course, I can go on and I would bore us all to tears. But the sad truth is this: the overwhelming number of tweets about the NYPD are negative. I have managed to ferret out a couple of candidates kids who are entering the upcoming Academy class on July 11th and wish them well; I feel like Mama Bear giving them Twitter encouragement, but let's just say I wish I had one of me when Roc was going through the Academy.
The happy truth is that most members of the NYPD work hard every day to make NYC a better, safer place to live. And I will continue thanking them...on Twitter...and everywhere I can.

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