Monday, August 13, 2012

A man with an experience...

Did you ever hear that expression, "A man with an experience is never beholden to a man with a theory?"
I love that expression and often find an opportunity to use it, as so many people in today's world love to spout off about things they know not of.
Perfect example: I will often check the #NYPD feed on Twitter when Roc is working late. Sometimes it will give me an idea of something happening somewhere in NYC that perhaps the News hasn't got a hold of yet...often times, I get to skim through some serious NYPD-Bashing.
It's tiring, truthfully, but so often I see these clueless individuals for just what they are: clueless. And I pay them no mind. There are so few people who actually understand what it's like to be part of the NYPD; especially to serve in a blighted area like my husband. Needless to say, the South Bronx is no walk in the park.
So imagine my surprise when I saw our current NYC Comptroller, Mr. John C. Liu, making ridiculous remarks about the NYPD on Twitter. My relationship with Mr. Liu began like this:
His Tweet:
Why can’t an officer wear a ?


Well, I bet you every Cop's Wife from here to Kingdom Come knows the answer to that one right away, before even glancing at my replies:   
Really? For the same reason MANY Officers don't wear wedding can get it caught on something+it's a safety hazard.
Go do a ride-along in the South Bronx+then tell me this would be a good policy. You have no idea...
Perps don't play fair, Sir, please get a clue before tweeting.

And I almost couldn't stop. He was trying to express solidarity after what happened in Wisconsin last week, and I get that, but...REALLY!? Isn't this just common sense? This man is an elected official who is running to be our next Mayor in 2013. Dear God, Help Us.
But here's the rub: is there any reason that Mr. Liu can't just stick to COMPTROLLING?! His job is to protect and enhance the fiscal health of New York.
Can someone please give me a real reason he can't just stick to that? In days following, I challenged Mr. Liu to a ride-along in some of NYC's most notorious neighborhoods. I reminded him that the NYPD is about 35,000 Members strong, which would equate to a whole lot of votes going forward. He has yet to respond.
If you're interested in checking out my ongoing rant with this elected official, feel free to follow me on Twitter.
My point is this: SHUT UP when you don't know what you're taking about. You look foolish. I would bet money that this guy doesn't even know that the NYPD wears clip-on ties. Why, you ask? Trust me that it's not a fashion statement. Unfortunately, they have found out that classic ties are...wait for it...A SAFETY HAZARD!!!
In a reply to Mr. Liu's ridiculous request, Paul Browne said:
“The NYPD makes reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs, and already allows Sikh members of the service to wear turbans that fit under department headgear,” said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.
Browne said beards are allowed to a certain length. But he added, “Police officers are required to wear emergency equipment, including gas masks that beards of a certain length will break the seal and allow air in a contaminated atmosphere to enter, defeating the mask’s effectiveness.”
AGAIN...a safety issue. 
Before I pop a vein, let me just say this:
The New York Daily News has reported this recently...
Monday, July 02, 2012
CITY CONTROLLER John Liu now has more problems to worry about — 527,000 of them, actually.
The beleaguered Democrat, who is already trying to fend off a federal investigation into alleged fund-raising irregularities in his 2013 mayoral campaign, is now on the hook for a fine of a half-million dollars for essentially littering the city with political signs during his 2009 controller campaign.

Hmmmm...seems as if Mr. Liu has bigger fish to fry. Like I proposed to him in an earlier tweet, perhaps he should stick to comptrolling. Either way, I firmly believe that ANY candidate who wishes to be the next Mayor of my great City should be required to do a ride-along with the NYPD in some of the more sketchy neighborhoods. Why not? They're asking their public servants to take a walk on the wild side more often than not...I'm sure they can spare one night.
Or can they? Still waiting to hear from Mr. John C. Liu...

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