Friday, August 3, 2012

New Career Path?

Note to Readers: I've had a crazy week, and I started drafting this yesterday before I had to go to work. Time got away from me, and I actually posted this draft for a short time by accident...when I meant to save it and finish it...sorry for any confusion. Of course, watching the Olympics around the clock has not helped me to get enough sleep or be coherent!   

 I'm always interested in making connections. Do you bake? Oh, you own a bakery? I just happen to know a great baker who's looking for someone to...

...insert whatever scenario you like, that's just who I am. And I have a platform. Okay, a very small platform, but it comes with a microphone. So I will often times announce things to my fitness classes---at 30 or so people per class X how many classes a week---I figure I sometimes get to interact with a couple of hundred people per week. So I take advantage of it. Why not? I'll hawk someone's new invention or tell people about an upcoming event, maybe direct people towards a participant's website or whatever it is that comes up that day. I feel like networking is the only way anything moves along anymore.
As a result, I often end up talking to people about Law Enforcement. Sometimes people are just curious; I think especially because my husband is part of the World-Famous NYPD, they want the inside track on things, or perhaps they feel the need to verify something. But I've noticed lately that I keep running into people who are just starting their police career, and they want advice. The other day I was accosted by a Mom at my local pool; her son wants to become a cop and she had a handful of questions to ask. When we were done talking, she turned to me and said, "You should do this. You should figure out a way to help people, answer their questions, and steer them in the right direction."
I told her she was being kind.
But I have found myself in that position encourager of sorts...I recently picked up a new kid recruit on the Twitter feed who is right now going through the NYPD Academy. I find myself reliving it through him, but at the same time, ensuring him that he can do it...and that it will all be worth it in the end.
Maybe this Blog is another platform---not just a place for me to bitch and tell stories, but to exhort people---cops, cop's wives, cop's moms...whoever finds themselves living the LEO Life.
Of course, I'd like to think so.

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