Monday, August 6, 2012

This Week

This week two years ago, I lost my Aunt and my Stepmother within days of each other. On Monday, my Stepmother died suddenly as I was on my way to my Aunt's wake, and then the rest of the week played out like this:

Tuesday---Aunt's Wake
Wednesday---Aunt's Funeral
Thursday---StepMom's Wake
Friday---StepMom's Funeral
It was one of the most awful weeks of my life; I was buried in shock, grief, and misery. It was a week I won't soon forget, and one I wish I could.
This week one year ago, I lost my Beloved Grandmother to a prolonged battle with Alzheimer's. I spent the week much the same way;  at a wake and a funeral, and then indulging in vats of comfort food, taking in more than one person could ever need. My Dad and brother were steeped in the first-year anniversary blues, and there I was, dealing with another staggering loss in my life.
It was another terrible week.
I dreamt of my StepMom last night. She was talking to me, and for some reason, I was the only one who could hear her. I told her how every time I saw sunflowers, I thought of her. I can't recall much else of the conversation, but I know it was good.
I miss her.
I miss my Grandmother, but it in a very different way; she lived a long life, and suffered such a long, protracted illness, that when she finally passed, I was happy to see her go on and be free of this life and its pain.
My Stepmom was in the prime of her life; she died so suddenly, that a part of me still can't believe she's gone. I miss her in ways that I cannot explain.
Beautiful image by dabi I am again. It's this week, and I am not hoping for a three-peat. I'm going to enjoy the Olympics and take care of myself. I promise to check in with you guys a little more than last week. And, of course, I will be advocating for Cop's Wives everywhere. I'm going to try and make it as normal as possible. In fact, I'm rooting for boring.


  1. Hang in there! So sorry to read about your troubles. Funny how normal is a blessing for us cop wives!

  2. I never thought it would be...all I want right now is to hug the couch and watch the Olympics this week...!
    :) Stella


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