Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Find Your Greatness

I feel like if you haven't already seen this commercial or at the very least heard about it, you are either dead or in some other land that has no television. But just in case you missed it---I am posting it here, because the message is so important.
Working in the Fitness Industry, I see a ton of people with body image issues. I myself suffered from some pretty severe eating/exercise issues for quite some time; and let me just say that you're kidding yourself if you think that the majority of the people involved in the Fitness industry didn't at one point have some type of body issue.
I've used exercise to tamp down my anxiety, to distract me from worry, to decrease stress, to escape from real life, to keep myself in shape, to level off my blood sugar, to look good, to feel better, and then to make a living. It has saved me many times. The funny thing is that I don't look like a "typical" fitness instructor. What do you think fit looks like? Have you ever wondered, while reading my plight and various pages, what this girl Stella looks like? I'll tell you this: I wear an American size 8 or 10. I think most people picture a fitness instructor as someone who sports a size 3.
Here's the good news: I am stronger than most women my age...younger...and older than me. I am fit and flexible. I am not paper-thin. I have curves. (Hello...I'm Italian!) I love to eat. I love to work out. And I have found my greatness.


  1. RIGHT ON!!!! Love that you used this commerical. There are some other very inspiring ones that Nike has done (check out the one with the kid playing little league- he's not your typical baseball player), but having been that chubby kid who was always slowest to run, I am rooting 1000% for this kid & all of us like him!!

  2. I think most of us for whom fitness is a lifestyle see a little bit of ourselves in this kid...I almost don't want the Olympics to end, because it inspires me so...!!
    :) Stella


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