Friday, October 26, 2012


I figure by now you've heard about the NYPD Officer arrested by the Feds. He's already being dubbed "The Cannibal Cop." If you haven't: welcome to Bizzarroland!
I have to admit that this is the most outrageous story I have ever heard about the NYPD.
If you're interested, the New York Post always has lively commentary on the weird stuff:  
Of course, this brings out the crazies. (In more ways than one!) All the people who hate the NYPD on principle are citing this one nutjob and saying, "See?! SEE?! They're all bad. Look, some of them even eat people!!"
To them I say: Touche!
Have your fun. God knows I was chuckling last night at some of the wittier Twitter comments being bandied about---but I will still and always say this---this one creep does NOT represent the other 34,000+plus members of the NYPD who get up every day and go do a job that so many other people do not have the balls to do.
So have your fun. Hell, I might even crack a joke or two. But then realize that if you get mugged, you're going to call that same NYPD, and chances are, they're going to help you out. My only hope is that you blush.
On a lighter note: the FREE T-Shirt contest ends at Midnight Tonight!! If you haven't already entered, scroll down, play a little music trivia (it's fun!) and send me an email with your answers. I'm going to announce the winner on Monday. And GOOD LUCK!! 

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