Wednesday, October 31, 2012


That's what they're calling it. Frankenstorm: a freak storm that barreled into NYC and gave a shot across the bow to Halloween, not to mention millions of people's every day lives.
Let's start with us: we are okay. We have no power at home; no TV, lights, Internet, phone, etc. We don't even have heat, because we have electric heat in our not-so-new home. Roc has been working 12-hour shifts that are not his regular time, and therefore I am starting to feel as if he is back on Midnights.
I hated Midnights.
This is the first chance I have had to get online in days. I've been Tweeting from my phone, but my short bursts here and there don't really underscore how I feel, or what's really going on in different pockets of the City. I am currently at one of the gyms that I work for...this one particular location happens to have power while several others still don't, and I am rather happy to be at work, as I get to work out and shower. Ah...the things we take for granted on a regular day. 
I am overwhelmed by the devastation in the Tri-State right now; it seems as if every where I turn there is loss. I will write more about my thoughts on this soon; I wanted to just check in and let my Police Family know that we are okay.
I suspect that the rest of you are out celebrating Halloween.
Make it Happy.

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  1. I work in reservations for Uhaul and people are freaking out trying to get trucks while our locations are closed. Some people are telling me they can't get gas for their cars and are siphoning it from one car to another. I hope disaster relief comes soon to those that need it. It's weird because we've been having such great weather in AZ.


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