Monday, November 5, 2012

The Aftermath

Super Storm Sandy (as they're now calling her/it) has come and gone and left an unbelievable amount of destruction in its wake. I'm sure a whole lot of you are watching the News and have been able to see the unimaginable brokenness of my City; the surrounding area that we call the Tri-State took a particular beating and now there's little left to do but pick up the pieces and rebuild.
Let me start locally: we are okay. We got our power back this Saturday sometime around noon-ish and then our TV/Phone/Internet came back sometime around Midnight Saturday as well. Our house in intact. We didn't take in any water and we only had one tree fall in our yard. By the Grace of God, it fell away from our house and into the road. We have a ton of debris in our yard, but I am being optimistic and looking at it as good kindling for our fireplace.
Obviously, I had been unable to post until now. I'm sorry as I know some of you are the worrying kind, but if ever you can't find me here, check Twitter. I had been in contact largely on Twitter for the past week, as I was able to Tweet from my phone. Of course, you can't truly expostulate on Twitter, but you can at least get the gist.
I am beleaguered.
If you don't know what that means, look it up. It's a word that means more than exhausted; surrounded with troubles, stress at every turn, with no end in sight. That about sums it up. Roc is exhausted. The entire NYPD was moved to a mandatory 12-hour minimum shift since the Storm. He was originally working 7p-7a, then got moved to 4p-4a. He and his colleagues are working around the clock to continue regular patrols, help out the National Guard, FEMA, Nassau County Law Enforcement, Suffolk County Law Enforcement, the Power Companies and their workers, the Sanitation Department, all the displaced people in and around NYC...I can go on. Feel free to send prayers and good energy our way as NYC is going to need it.
So many people need so much; it's truly overwhelming. I am happy to have my power restored as I now feel as if I can move ahead and help others. I am praying for those who are still without power. It has gotten very cold very quickly in the Northeast and the bad news is that we are expecting a huge Nor'easter to come up the coast this Wednesday night into Thursday.
It feels never-ending.
My heart breaks every time I see footage from Staten Island, Long Beach (Long Island) and especially Breezy Point. New Jersey has been heavy on my heart as well, and there's no telling just how many people's lives have been irreparably damaged by the Storm.
I was reminded this week that "STORMS make the oak grow deeper roots." ---George Herbert
We are New Yorkers. That makes us a special brand of tough. We will come through this stronger, and more united. This week, I'd like to think that you're all New Yorkers too.

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