Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dazzling Lights

We live right outside the City, and there are a virtual ton of deer that populate my town, as well as the surrounding area, and it seems that most nights they like to hang out in my neighborhood in particular.
Often times when there are several deer out at night, grazing, hanging out, just shooting the breeze, you'll see an oncoming motorist flash or blink their lights at you, so you know there's a roving band of shrub eating perps deer up ahead and you can try to avoid a major accident, as the deer here in New York tend to have attitude (much like the rest of us New Yorkers) and want to take out the whole front end of your car.
The blinking of the lights is pretty common practice up around these parts. In Upstate New York, it's even more common.
So imagine my surprise when a neighbor stopped me recently to tell me her "I got pulled over by a cop" story. Note to Reader: If you are in any way related to a cop and a neighbor knows this information, said neighbor will almost always corner you and then proceed to tell you their brand of Cop Stories. Humor them. You're the closest thing they're going to get to a real, live, Law Enforcement Officer. Or a gun, for that matter. But I digress.
Apparently said neighbor/recluse/person who thinks they're funny was pulled over the other night because they were trying to warn an oncoming motorist about a Band of Deer up ahead. The Officer wrote her a ticket for "dazzling lights," which apparently means that she was trying to flash an oncoming motorist because of a speed trap up ahead. The Neighbor told the Cop she was flashing because of deer; the cop did not believe her and gave her a ticket because he was thwarted and pissed.
She wanted to know what she should do. I asked her if it really was for the deer. She said yes, but just as she was saying it, a micro-expression crossed her face and I knew she was lying. I reminded myself that she's one of those people who is not overly fond of Cops, and I laughed to myself.
Not because she was trying to ask me my advice to get out of a ticket for "dazzling lights." I laughed because I thought about what my husband would give to be able to write such an innocuous ticket. To be able to deal with actual wildlife instead of Wild Life would be a nice change of pace for Roc; but I shared none of this with her, as she was not interested, and I could not waste any more time.
I told her to fight the ticket.
                                                         Why not? Give a Cop a Day Shift.  

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  1. Thanks for a refreshing view on the "One time, when I was pulled over..." approach. The frustration I feel when people string those few words together is a little ridiculous. I need to give your approach a try - I think I'd be a lot happier ha!

  2. You're better off having a sense of humor...most people just don't get it, and they never will.
    :) Stella


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