Friday, November 30, 2012

Great Gift Idea

I would put a disclaimer at the top of this post if I really thought it would matter, but let me just say this:  Heather Powell is IT.
The disclaimer would look a little something like this...Sure, I am friends with this lovely person who resides in NYC. And I would love for you to all pick up her CD. It would bring my friend joy to know that more and more people got to hear her amazing voice.
The truth is this: I would tell you to buy it whether or not I had ever met her. She's an amazing talent and I know for sure that you'll love this sound. But on top of all that, I know for sure that so many of our Cops also once served in the Military. And there is a song on this CD that is a must-have for anyone who has served, or is currently serving in any capacity. It's called Long Gray Line. If you hail from a Military Family, this song in particular will speak to you, and I implore you to get this CD for that person today.
You can hear a little peek at Amazon, and I'm quite sure that if you were interested in getting an autographed copy, I could even have that arranged. 
So check her out...I assure you...this singer/songwriter/soldier/voice-to-end-all-voices/is worth a listen!

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