Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Mop Up

The other night, Roc caught a stabbing. The entire scenario was ridiculous; a lover's quarrel gone the way of the knife...an apartment vestibule splattered with blood, on the floor, on the walls...blood everywhere.
As always, I asked him about the backstory; I am always intrigued by what transpires in the moments preceding the crime. As he told me, he shook his head repeatedly, and then sighed at the end of the story.
"That bad?" I asked.
"Yes and no. Do you want to know what really sticks in my head? The minute we were done with the crime scene, a woman scurried out of a ground floor apartment with a bucket and mop, and mopped up the blood in about three seconds flat. It was like it was no big deal; just another day in the 'hood."
"I guess it was." And I sighed along with him.


  1. I'm always curious for background information too! I probably ask, "How old are these people?!" more times than he cares to answer...it just always fascinates me how young people are starting to get into serious trouble. And it's always disturbing to me what some people consider "normal" lives...

  2. Believe it or not, I am even more astounded by people our age or older...it's like, "Shouldn't they know better by now?"
    I guess not!


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