Thursday, January 10, 2013

This and That

I just received a text from a friend who stated, "There's an Op-Ed piece in The Post that I think plagiarized you."
He said it in jest, but the fact of the matter is that there is an Opinion Piece in the New York Post which basically underlines a lot of the points that I made yesterday; in fact mirroring a good amount of what I wrote. I'm not upset; in this instance I say great minds think alike.
If you'd like to read the page:

I would also like to let you know that I have not forgotten my regular readers, even though my posts may seem sporadic as of late. Life has been very busy, and working in the Fitness Industry makes January a truly crazy time for me...for those of you who regularly go to the gym, I'm sure you've noticed the great influx of people that show up right after New Year's...the sad truth is that most of these people will only stick around until I encourage you...if you've started a fitness program, give it a fighting chance.
You're worth it.
And if you're a regular waiting to be able to get on a treadmill, I advise patience: you were new once too.


  1. A friend whose boyfriend just started the Academy told me she is finding comfort in your blog so I figured I'd check it out. I started reading some of your entries in chronological order, and really enjoyed reading them -- I can definitely relate. My boyfriend has 3 years on, and we had been dating for a few years before he joined, so I definitely understand. Looking forward to reading the rest :)

  2. Hey Jenny:
    Thanks so much for tuning in. It helps to feel you're not alone...that's a large part of the reason that I started the Blog...I felt so alone in my experience. Tell your friend to hang in there!
    :) Stella

  3. :) I also passed this along to a friend whose boyfriend just graduated from the Academy. She's been slacking off at work today reading your blog! :)


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