Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Looking for Closure

As many of you already know, the chase is seemingly over...last night the News was reporting that Christopher Dorner engaged in a deadly shootout with Police in California and then that the cabin he was hiding out in erupted in flames.
The West Coast is relieved to have gotten this piece of garbage, however, I know that Law Enforcement Families from all over the country are waiting to hear that the charred body that remains is in fact said scum. For all accounts, the body seems to be Christopher Dorner, but they still need to have it positively identified. Whether it's DNA or dental remains, I know that I myself will breather easier when we know beyond shadow or doubt that this Cop-Killer is in fact no more.
We, as part of the LEO Family Worldwide, are looking for closure. I simply pray that those families that were directly effected by the actions of a madman can also find closure in time.

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