Friday, March 29, 2013

The Almost Ran

Jason was the type of guy I was looking for by the time I met him; unassuming but funny, smart as hell, slightly nerdy, but cool enough. He had a "real" professional job in NYC, and I liked him immediately when we met. We started dating and soon after we started dating, it was evident that we were falling for each other...and although I was scared...I decided to hang in there and see where it went. It had been six years since Julian and I broke up, and I hadn't dated anybody seriously since then.
One gorgeous Spring day, we played hooky from work and drove up to the Connecticut coast. We stopped at a roadside joint for lunch, laughed, talked, and walked the beach. For the very first time, he mentioned marriage.
I can still remember where we were sitting on the beach when I revealed something that I knew had the potential to turn things between us...either way.
"I think I want to get married...I don't know...I kind of like living on my own." I looked sideways at him, as he was sitting on my right. "I just don't know if I want to have kids."
Big exhale.
"I'll change your mind." He winked at me and then pulled me into a kiss. I let him, but my heart flipped.
He just didn't get it.

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