Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Aftermath

In truth, that time of brokenness taught me a whole lot about myself and firmly established in my heart what I did and did not want. I was never the same again.
In some ways, it wasn't a bad thing. I started finding my voice; I moved out of my mother's house and moved on. I dated here and there but no one serious; I was pretty serious about not getting involved like that again.
Life happened. Friends got engaged, married, had babies...and I moved even closer to NYC. I lived on my own, made my own rules, and kept it moving.
I had a best friend at the time that I would have taken a bullet for...tons of acquaintances...a fun job in NYC...great travel opportunities...lots of things to keep me busy and ultimately fulfilled.
At one point I met another guy. I was older now, and wiser, and I decided what the hell, to give it a whirl.

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