Monday, April 15, 2013

Separate Ways

The truth was that Kate and I were growing apart.
It was subtle at first, and I think initially it was easy to blame it on the physical distance that was now between us: we went from living about ten minutes away from each other to living about an hour apart.
My life revolved around NYC and her life revolved around her life in suburbia, as by the time Roc and I had managed to get our marriage on the right path, she was already working on Kid Number Two.
The majority of my friend base still lived in Upstate New York then, and it was not only her that had started having children. At one point, I had all seven of my closest girlfriends pregnant at the same time, and as a result they formed bonds that were exclusive of me.
I got it and I didn't even mind it at first. I have always supported my friends in whatever they chose to pursue, so I did whatever a good friend would do for another: I listened to their fears, their dreams, their endless baby stories about things I did not understand, and pretended often to be interested.
The problem was that I was pretending, and although I consider myself a good actress, I am not a good liar. I was tired of being bombarded by the Baby Club, and I noticed myself pulling away in things both large and small.
After a while, I just didn't get it.

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