Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Give it a Whirl

After much thinking and discussing and debating and angst, there came a day when I was just sitting around, talking to my kid brother, and I decided to let him in on all of my thoughts. It's funny because my brother is fifteen years younger than me, so I sometimes don't expect him to have any real wisdom or insight.
(Sorry, kid!)
"I think you're overthinking it." He stated this as if it were plain and obvious.
"You think?" Those who overthink everything don't believe that they overthink anything.
(Say that twenty times fast!) 
"Yeah. Just...give it a whirl. You never know. What do you always tell me? If it's meant to be; it'll be."
The mere idea was terrifying, but I have to admit that I took him in and thought about his point of view.

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