Thursday, October 17, 2013

Four Pumpkins

Every family has traditions and although some of ours are silly...they're ours...and just like those little things that you hold dear to your heart, Roc and I have a few of our own.
Ever since we first got married, Roc has went out and bought me a pumpkin for Halloween/Thanksgiving. Why both, you ask? Well, I am one of those cheap  industrious people who simply likes her decorations to do double-duty: I stopped carving pumpkins as a kid, and chose instead to buy a nice sturdy one that would last for both Holidays.
That said, Roc came home last night with four pumpkins for our top step: one to represent each of us, which of course includes Puppy Girl. I smiled because we are in sync in ways that cannot be easily explained to others: I did not have to tell him that we needed four. He knew.
This is on my heart today because I was recently told a heartbreaking story about someone who had a child and got rid of her cat. In her own words: "I started hating the cat."
I think that's awful. Besides being a huge advocate for all pets---and especially rescued pets---I hate the message that a pet is a stand-in for a child, and that once their usefulness is's somehow acceptable to get rid of your once-beloved family member. Obviously, I am not talking about incidences where there is a dangerous situation. By all means, your responsibility is then to protect your child. But I would love to know what these people are thinking, and if their child were old enough to understand, would they realize the lesson they're teaching them?

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