Monday, October 21, 2013

Playing Cop

Over the weekend I was talking with a friend about the recent deluge of erotica to the book market; some say it started with the ever-popular Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, but the truth is that's it been around for a long time now, under various different covers.
This of course sparked another conversation and towards the end, she asked:
"So do you guys ever 'play cop?' "
I cringed.
For me, there would be no bigger turn-off. I think about the stories my husband comes home and sometimes shares with me, and I can't imagine ever asking him to break out the handcuffs (even fur-lined ones) and bring it into our bedroom. I figure that it takes a whole hell of a lot for him to make the transition to home life to begin finally "turn it off"...why would I want to drive his mind or body back to the workplace when the time finally comes to...turn it on?
So...needless to's not for me.
However, I have to ask:  have any of you ever "played cop" when your spouse is off-duty? If so, how did it feel for you? What about him? Without too many vulgar details, let's go there Ladies!
Spill. I promise to get involved in the conversation---no judgement.


  1. So funny, I've thought about that before! I'm convinced there's no way "playing cop" is done by actual LEO families. After the multiple stories of what type of people are actually being cuffed by my husband, not to mention the ones who are bleeding, peeing, deficating, vomiting, etc. I can't imagine we'd ever get to a place where anything like that is sexy! Haha...but to each their own :)

  2. Yes, this once again highlights the idea that people have of Police Couples and LEO Families and the reality of living this life...I once saw a young girl on Twitter posting Twitpics of NYPD Officers and stating how she "wanted one of those..." I tweeted back at her: "Watch what you wish for!"
    ;) Stella


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