Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election Day

In many places in the United States, it's Election Day today. 
The sad truth about that fact is that most Americans will not exercise their right to vote; it's not a Presidential election year, and the ballot is filled with mostly local races, most of which people could care less about.
The race for New York City Mayor is a sad commentary on the State of our City: the man who is slated to win has taken a very adversarial stance against the NYPD and I fear that his policies will put my husband and so many good cops in jeopardy.
This is where prayer comes in.
When there is nothing you can do...you pray. Obviously, you educate yourself and you get out there and vote, but when you know that there's nothing else you can do, you pray for change, and for the safety of your Law Enforcement Officer and all those that serve along with him.
As always: may the best man/woman win!

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