Monday, November 11, 2013

A Veteran's Day Tale

I've caught myself sometimes.
"These kids today...when I was a kid...we didn't dare...what is wrong with the current/next generation...?"
I've caught those words coming out of my mouth, when talking with a friend, or perhaps my mother or father, commiserating over how careless this new crop of kids seems to be, and I will occasionally stop and hear myself and realize that I sound old.
And perhaps...judgemental.
It's a fine line between observation and judgement, and most of us find it easy to slip into commentary about The Good Old Days when we think things should be a certain way.
This morning, I was reminded about the good in the world as I was perusing a few Veteran's Day stories over the Internet. This group of kids...this next generation...I could only hope that my own son would find a group like this to call his own. It gave me pause, and made me realize that sometimes the most unlikely source can be the biggest blessing.
If you're interested in reading a heartwarming tale, click here: 
I would advise you to grab a tissue.

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