Thursday, January 30, 2014


I have had many a conversation with God about Roc getting out of his Precinct; I've at times been overwhelmed by the amount of violence he saw, the aggression, the animosity towards Police Officers that permeates the streets where he works. The squalor alone has been known to make a seasoned cop cringe, and the stories are often more than headshakers.
I've been very open to the idea of him perusing any and all avenues to make a change: a promotion, a transfer, a specialized unit...any one thing that would help him and in turn make both of our lives better.
He's had some stops and starts: an interview that seemed great but went opportunity that arose, and just as soon was gone...and then all of the sudden...a door opened.
I am excited to report that my husband opened the door and walked through it.
A new job within the NYPD, out of the South Bronx, and into a completely different world.
Wish us luck!

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