Friday, February 14, 2014

Fielding Questions

"Does he still have to go in?"
"Will they let him come home early?"
"Just so you know: the trains are running on a limited schedule. And they're saying the roads are a nightmare. How's he going to get to work?"
These are just a sample of the type of questions I was fielding throughout the day yesterday. And although I love my non-LEO family and friends, here's what I felt like saying: "He is a FIRST RESPONDER. Even with the transfer, they still expect him to be there. Not only will he not be coming home early, but they might even keep him late. He's the guy that helps all the other people who are out there, especially the morons who don't have to be out there. He's a Police Officer; not an elementary school teacher. There are no 'snow days.' "
Instead, I answered their numerous questions as patiently as I could, right after I dug out a lane in my backyard so my dog could go outside and pee.
Then I came inside and took a picture of what was once my deck. I'm hoping to get out there by July!


  1. My LEO works at the county jail and I am still asked those questions! To which I answer: Well, they aren't going to let the prisoners out for the night. Someone has to be there to keep them there ;)

    Stay warm!
    Following The Browns Around The Map

  2. It's amazing how people just don't "get it."
    Warm thoughts to you as well!
    :) Stella


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