Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I'm very careful about what I say to people about my son; I can remember not so long ago being bored to tears by people's never-ending stories about their kids: about the things they found cute, about things that made no sense to me...about just about everything.
Here's a newsflash: besides you and your significant other, the only person who cares about the details of your child's life are that child's grandparents.
I kid you not.
Pun intended.
So I just recently was asked by a dear friend in California why I never sent her pictures of my little guy. I was surprised that she asked; she's child-free by choice, and she has shared with me in the past about certain friends of hers who feel it is perfectly acceptable to foist their child onto her, and it's made her feel uncomfortable and annoyed. I reminded her of this, and told her that I was just trying to be careful and respect her wishes.
She laughed and reminded me that I live too far away for her to feel overwhelmed by my kid.
So I sent her a few cute snaps, but I remain careful. It's a tricky little field to navigate: those friends who want children desperately and can't have any, the friends who remain child-free by choice, the Mommy Club that surrounds me at every's new territory for me, and I am still making adjustments as time goes on.
That said, Roc is also still making adjustments. He's got a new schedule at work. He's got a new partner, and is learning new things every day. He's happier than he's been in a long time, but it's still a time of change, and we're both figuring out what works for us. The very good news is that we got some time off together this past weekend and it was just what we needed.
That and a few late-night cocktails.

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