Friday, February 28, 2014

Police Shooting in Brooklyn

Upon hearing about the latest assault on our Officers, I am saddened to think about the filth that so many of our loved ones have to interact with:
"The question was put to him, why did you shoot? 'Because I hate cops.' No other reason," said Pat Lynch, PBA President.
If you'd like to read the details, feel free to hit the link to the expanded article.
I would publish more details here, but my thoughts right now run a little something like this:
Who cares? Do the details really matter when you have someone willing to shoot a cop over a bus fare? This character was a fare jumper, plain and simple, yet he had no compunction about pulling out a weapon and shooting one of our own.
Ridiculous. Meanwhile, he's wanted in Pennsylvania on drug charges.
(Insert sarcastic emoticon here) 
Here's the good news: the Officer is recovering. Thanks to some great work by two off-duty EMTs, he was given great care at the scene and then taken to Kings County Hospital in stable condition.
We wish Officer Li a swift and speedy recovery.

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