Monday, March 31, 2014

Just like Real Life! (II)

My husband and I were hysterical laughing this weekend. A fellow Officer friend bought this little Police Car for our son when he was born. He was too young to play with it, but now that he's sitting up and checking out everything around him, we decided it was time to unwrap the car.
Here's what's funny: the car has lights and sirens, as any replica Police Car should. But when you press the windshield, the guy behind the wheel starts singing: "P is for Police Car! Driving in my Police Car...Almost to the Crime Scene!"
Off-key, I might add.  In a jovial voice.
Then he says stuff like: "Let's HURRY to the Crime Scene!"
And: "Hear me coming...then see me coming...sirens ready...I'm driving to the CRIIIIIIIME!"
WOO WOO WOO WOO !!!!!!!!!!!
I asked my husband if he and Ivan ever sang at the top of their lungs while racing to a crime scene.
I couldn't resist.

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