Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ongoing Issues

There has been so much going on lately that I really don't know where to begin.
I got in late last night and just as I was about to tune into the 11 o'clock News, my husband barreled down the stairs and asked me to please put the news on.
"It's 10:58. It'll be on in two minutes." I didn't look at him at first, figuring he just wanted to tune into the latest DB news conference.
As he stood there with his arms crossed, fidgeting, he said: "Two more cops have been shot."
"Bronx Cops."
As you know, my husband was a Bronx cop for his entire career before landing a job in his unit. He knows a lot of Bronx cops.
At first, the News was reporting it as "Breaking News," with little to no information, and we stayed tuned anyway, in the meantime watching the DB News Conference, where The Police Commissioner decided to tow the line and make a statement about how he felt the Officers that turned their backs at the second funeral were out of line.
I would like to think that Commissioner Bratton, felt...deep down, where we'll never know the truth...a secret sense of pride that his troops stood in honor of their fallen brother.
After all, he's a Cop's Cop...isn't he?
I would also like to comment on this once again: don't believe the hype. No matter what the Media, the Commissioner, or especially that DB Mayor has to say...the Officer's silent, respectful protest had NOTHING to do with politics.
Unlike the bloviating Mayor, the Police had one platform: those funerals. They don't get to be in front of a microphone every single day. And believe me when I say that it was an emotional reaction, as this new accusation of being union-motivated is beyond ridiculous.
Beyond the sheer ridiculousness of DB's wife wearing a pair of JEANS to a Police Officer's funeral.
Really, Ms. Classless?
Was that the best you could possibly do?
Because in all my years of going to wakes and funerals---some formal, some not---I have never opted for denim.
And now I think I've covered it all.

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