Monday, May 4, 2015

Sad...sickened and...sad

I have been both sickened and sad since the Baltimore riots began...sad to think about both sides of the coin: the toll on our officers as well as communities like Baltimore, because I knew full well that what was going on there would flow north to New York, as long as there were people willing to protest.
The unfortunate effect of this permissive culture is that cops have become the target.
A young NYPD Officer was shot on Saturday night in Queens. He was shot by a scumbag violent ex-con who has no remorse.
At the press conference, we found our bumbling leader mumbling into a microphone about the sacrifices of the NYPD.
As if.
As if he knew the full extent of the sacrifices that our Blue Family makes every single day.
Today, my Blue Family is bleeding. Today, Officer Moore's family removed him from life support.
No parent should have to make that heart-wrenching decision---ever---but especially not because of some disgusting individual's tragic choice. 
My husband will attend another funeral this week. Is there a quantifiable toll that it takes, on his psyche...on his health? Perhaps this time our hapless, hopeless mayor will begin to get the picture.
How many more times will it take?
Rest in Peace, Officer Brian Moore.
We acknowledge your sacrifice.

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