Friday, January 20, 2017


My husband has a good friend who works for the Department of Homeland Security. He will, now and again, tell us a little bit about his work; about the people he will investigate and eventually arrest.
These people are child predators.
They are the lowest of the low: they are child molesters, people who prey on our children via the Internet or in real life. His job is often comprised of long days, difficult interrogations (some where he actually has to play a role and act as if he is the perp's 'friend') and every so often, traveling to another state in order to round up the Monster.
I sometimes cannot listen. I generally want to throw up in my mouth. 
He is only allowed to do this job for a total of five years before being moved to another division; the Department is smart enough to know that being immersed in this filth can irreparably damage your heart, if not your mind.
This week, hubby's friend was called to do a Security Detail for the Inauguration. He, along with 10,000 other Federal Agents, will be doing Security for the Trump Inauguration. He was not asked to do this, he was told, and his politics don't have a voice today, or this weekend.
Here's what's interesting: I have friends in Law Enforcement, I have friends in the Acting world, I have friends in every imaginable corridor of this Country.
I have friends who guard soon to be President Trump.
I have friends who have protested and will be protesting this weekend.
This doesn't really bother me, although it sometimes bothers other people who assume things about me.
I could honestly care less. There's one rule here: don't go after my Blue Family.
If you're protesting this weekend, I expect you to be nice to the Police Officers. (Federal, State, Local, etc.) Be respectful.
Don't throw things at the Officers, don't call them names, and don't try to do anything stupid in order to get your point across.
Because you never could be hurting someone who could one day protect your child.

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