Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's Up to You

Today I was rushing a bit; I was trying to meet my brother's girlfriend for a quick cup of coffee before my class, and on the way there I popped into a salad place to grab a quick bite to have with my java. I was standing on line, playing with my phone, when someone stepped directly in front of me and practically pressed her face up to the glass, checking out all the options.
My 20-year old self probably would have reacted with a nasty sarcastic comment, said loudly, directed towards anyone who would listen.
My 30-year old self would have settled for a huff and an eye-roll, perhaps some form of audible sigh and/or jeer.
My 40-something-current-day-self gave an internal shrug, and although I wasn't thrilled, simply let it go. When the Female Salad Concoctioner asked who was next, I stepped up and said, "me" ---mostly because I was trying to meet someone on time.
As I was picking my various toppings, it occurred to me that the Line Cutter was pointing to her choices and then trying to make sounds as the Male Salad Magician did his magic.
In a New York Minute I realized that the Line Cutter was deaf.
I grabbed my salad, met Ari for a coffee, and made it to class on time.
After class I was craving an ice-cold Snapple. I dropped into a Rite Aid, and as I was getting on line, there was a homeless man directly behind me, putting a big pack of Depends on top of his cart.
And it struck me: the need for this item was quite possibly because he didn't always have access to a bathroom.
I was at Register 8, he was four behind me, but as soon as I paid for my Snapple, I told the girl who was ringing me up to please go give my credit card to the person who was checking out the man at Register 4. I told her to tell him that his purchase was being paid for by someone else. The man figured it out quickly, as the place wasn't packed, and when our eyes met, he smiled and thanked me.
I put my fingers to my mouth as if to say, "ssshhh"---like it was our little secret.
I figured that was the very least I could do.
It's amazing how many opportunities you have in the midst of a regular old day. You have the opportunity to be an asshole; or to be someone's shining star.
It's up to you.


  1. That's awesome! Doing small acts of kindness like that can really make someones day, month or year! I will never forget the one day that seemed like nothing was going my way, I was on my way home from one of my college classes and I had forgotten money for the toll bridge. I realized that I had no cash before I got to the toll and just started crying. Everything had gone wrong that day and I was just over it. I would have only gotten a 5 dollar fine sent to my house but still. I got up to the toll and found out that the person in front of me paid my two dollar fee. They had no idea, that I was having a bad day, and that I was 10 feet behind them trying to suck it up. But that restored my faith in humanity. Now every time I go over that bridge I pay for the person behind me if I have enough cash on me. :)

  2. @Lyndsy: Now that's a cool story. I have to remind myself sometimes that God's timing is perfect. When stuff like that happens, it restores your faith. :) Stella


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