Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Pic from NYC Magazine

For those of you not on Twitter, I've been trending all day.
Actually, since last night.
As I tweeted earlier: "I am taking the country by storm!"
(Insert eye roll here)
Of course, I think I'm funny.
That said: it's a little less of a HaHa that I have no idea if my husband will make it home tonight.We are still accumulating snow right here in the Sixth Borough and although it's not the huge flakes that were hitting the ground at breakneck speed earlier today, I have a funny feeling that this stuff that's happening now is going to turn to ice.
So as everyone else enjoys the day in, I will join you in baking, but my mind is elsewhere, and my heart is always with the men and women of the #NYPD who don't get Snow Days.

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