Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It was early Spring when Roc got moved to the 4-12 shift, and although I definitely thought it would benefit us personally, there was still some adjusting that needed to be done. I became very protective of my mornings with him; I tried hard to make my schedule match his as much as possible.

He was also making adjustments to his routine: going to work in the daytime was one of them. Before, whenever he left the house it was already dark outside. Now he had to not only prepare himself mentally, but physically. Because it was early Spring he would often have to dress in layers or bring a change of clothes because though the days were growing warmer, the nights were still chilly, bordering on cold.

Plus he said it was busy as hell. There were a lot more calls, which included a lot more of what he characterizes as "bullshit jobs." I don't know how prevalent this is in other cities, but the people in Roc's precinct neighborhood often call the cops for anything and everything. NYC has a special number for non-emergency calls, and people are supposed to call 311 for anything that doesn't require a 911 call.

Apparently, they call 911 for everything, and Roc was just beginning to see how busy the 4-12 tour could be.


  1. People call my husbands dept for everything. Once a lady called 911 3 times to get directions. Another time an older woman called and asked if an officer could go pick up batteries for her smoke detector and she didn't want to leave b/c it was snowing. 911 is the "catch all" phone number.

  2. When I did my ride along, some people called 911 because the sewer was backing up in their house.

  3. I promise to regale you with stories galore from the "911 Files" as the blog progresses...I have to tell you that my all-time favorite is when Roc and his partner showed up to a call that was called a landlord/tenant dispute.
    Once they got there, they found out that a tenant was upset because another tenant spilled vinegar on her steps.
    You can't make this up, folks!
    :) SCW Stella


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