Monday, January 24, 2011

A Deadly Week

Although we'll get back to all that's going on in the story; I feel the need to address the news that keeps coming down the pike.

Apparently it's Open Season on Cops this week in the USA, and I am not happy.
I just clicked on one of my favorite News sites, only to find an URGENT banner on top informing me that TWO MORE COPS were just shot dead in Florida.

Just doing their job...these two individuals are no more.

My friend over at:

has been blogging about this particular issue this week.

Look, I'd say I'm "Up in Arms" about it, but we really can't say that anymore, can we?

Insert Chuckle Here.

Because the truth of the matter is: we can try and ease the pain, or we can all just sit home and cry about it.

Today, I'll be a little sarcastic, and maybe later, when the mood hits, I'll cry a little too.


  1. 11 shot, 2 dead in 24 hours. Newest in Oregon.

  2. As Suz mentions, apparently our state isn't safe either :(

    F*ckers. GRRRRR

  3. My heart is heavy and goes out to all the families and friends of the officers.

    I am from Canada, but with the increasingly unfounded hate towards the police growing, I am wondering how long it will be before these senseless police deaths happen in my country as well. Sadly, I believe that Canada is heading in much the same direction as the United States in regards to public attitude towards police. The fear in my mind that my officer will be the next one on the headlines has never been stronger.

  4. Ashley:
    I've been there, and I try not to do that anymore...I try and remember what Roc's friend (Lt. Mo) has told me time and again: there are 40,000 cops in the NYPD. Most nights, they all go home okay.
    Worse for wear? To be determined.
    UGH! I agree---not sure about other parts of the US, but in NYC it has a lot to do with gang initiation---UGH is all I have to say to that!!
    Showing my age here: but could you remember when shooting a police officer was only talked about in whispered terms? The same way the elders used to whisper the word "cancer" when they spoke about it...
    SCW Stella

  5. Thanks for the link, but more importantly, thanks for your concern.

    Hug Roc a little tighter in the morning, and whisper in his year that you're proud of what he does. Really, it's all the fuel he needs.

  6. Ashley I'm with you. The thought has croseed my mind of when this is going to go "north of the border". As I've been posting on all the blogs my heart just breaks for the families right now. I don't get to watch the news much so I appreciate all the posts giving light to what is happening in our world. I will be praying for the safety of my John Rambo but also for your officers as well.


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