Thursday, June 2, 2011


I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed that class; it still rests in my memory as one of the most exciting times I ever spent learning something. I showed up to class every day on time and I never missed. Each day our assignment went a little something like this:
Write a poem around the words "Crisp Yolk."
As all the other kids in the class extolled the virtues of overdone eggs, I went on to write a melancholy treatise about the day my lover left me, after having made me breakfast in bed. The last line went a little something like this:
"And all I have crisp yolk."
Oh, the drama!
Then we had to write a play, trying to explain to children the difference between verbs and nouns. I got partnered with my then-crush (read: now-gay) and we created a Super Hero named "VERBMAN." He was Verbman and I was the ditzy girl who kept asking the questions about verbs and nouns...we got to perform in front of an elementary school full of kids, and it was fun on a level I just couldn't explain.
I was hooked.

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