Monday, June 6, 2011

No More Drama

When I was thirty-five years old, I decided to take control of my life. It wasn't the first time and it surely would not be the last time I put a plan into place, but I was determined to make some real changes in my life at that point, and I began to actually follow through on them.
Just as my husband decided to make his own life-changing decision and enter the Police Academy, I decided to get a dog. I had wanted a dog my entire life, but growing up the way that I did, it just wasn't possible.
By the time I turned thirty-six, I decided to tackle another problem that had been irking me for years: I had a fixation with the mail. Go ahead, laugh, please...because it is kind of funny...but the truth is that I still have a little bit of an issue. Whenever I get the mail, I feel compelled to read every single piece of it before sorting/shredding/recycling, etc. This is a weird compulsion that either takes up too much of my time, or begins to cause clutter, as mail piles up because I may not have time to read it all. I cannot explain this behavior, all I know is that one day, I walked to the mailbox determined to get the mail, sort through it quickly, and be on with my day.
That particular day, I got a copy of the local rag/free paper in the mail, and just as I was breezing methodically through it, my eyes latched on to an ad:
Her vision is to help transform the entertainment industry through film, television, and theater that will bring more light, truth, and love into the world.

I had a tingling feeling in my spine; I just knew that this was something I desperately wanted to do. I remember laughing: sometimes, God meets you where you're it the mail, or anyplace else...and I got excited when I thought about a long-held dream finally coming true.

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