Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This past Sunday, Roc said it was a busy day at his precinct. When I asked him why, he said, "a lot of drop-offs."
Apparently, when certain so-called adult parents of children can't get it together enough to exchange their children safely and civilly at the end of a visitation weekend...they are ordered by the court to drop off their children to the custody of the other parent under the watchful eyes of the NYPD, in the vestibule of their closest police precinct. Often times, these parents are not and have never been married. More likely than not, they have an order of protection out against the other. They can't police themselves, so they need the NYPD to do it for them.
I shook my head. I can't help but wonder how this affects the children they are passing off...does it drop a subconscious thought into that child's head about the police? What will this child's memories consist of...? Will it be something they can laugh off as they get older, when hearts have softened and perhaps the malice has faded? Or will they always resent one parent, the other, or both?
I think back on my parent's volatile divorce, and I can still vividly recall my father dropping me off at the end of the driveway, never darkening the doorway of our house once he left. It made me feel uncomfortable, and sometimes discarded. My entire life was spent having two birthdays; two Christmases; until my wedding day, I cannot recall a day when my parents were in the same room together...and I have definite feelings about it until this day.
So how will it affect these children? Will one of them want to become a cop one day? Or will one of them resent that blue uniform so much that he seeks to visit the precinct in an entirely different way?

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