Thursday, December 8, 2011


Yesterday, Roc and I were talking and he mentioned a friend that had called him this week. They were catching up and then he asked the friend, "Hey, did you get our invite?" We have a big Christmas Bash every year at our house and we still hadn't heard back from him and his new wife. The friend responded, "Oh yeah, I saw the invite...I'll talk to Tammy and let you know."
The party is this weekend, and instead of being upset that they were taking so long to respond, do you want to know what I thought?
How nice.
How nice to be able to casually discuss a plan or an event mere days before it happens, and then make up your mind together and then just as casually decide to show. When Roc and I would like to attend an event we need to have a Round Table Discussion, whip out both his schedule and my schedule, plan for dog care if we're going to be out all day/night,'s the best part, wait for it...all of this happens at least a month in advance. Sometimes a friend will ask us out or over for dinner and I will look at when Roc next has weekends off, and we will throw something on the calendar for a time about six weeks in advance.
I can't remember a time when we were able to make a spur-of-the-moment decision like that; have I been a Cop's Wife too long now? Do all Cop's Wives go through this? Or do other cops have schedules that are more flexible? We know cops that have set days off...however we are not one of those families, as Roc has a rotating schedule. And here's the biggest question of them all: does it ever get better?


  1. It gets better when they switch to detectives with a M-F sched ;) Of course, there are still callouts with Dets and SWAT, but anytime there's overtime involved I don't mind missing events.

    Seriously though, when he was patrol all my life-planning went as such: "day, day, night, night, off, off, off, off". Only with this mantra was I able to count the calendar to figure out when he worked and when he was off. Since most of our friends are cops, it was no big deal though. I'm fairly certain we have no civilian friends. :(

  2. Meadow:
    We have a pretty equal mix of civilians and LEO's in the Friend Department, but truth be told, it's usually the family members that just don't get it. NYPD works rotations like this: Five on, Two off/Five on, three off. That is, of course, only if they don't pull him in for all the thousands of events NYC hosts each year...which in turn, throws off our "schedule."
    ;) Stella


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