Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Cop's Kid: Part Three

Yesterday, I pulled a video off of You Tube, but today that video is deemed private, and I have been getting feedback from different people saying the link doesn't work. After checking out You Tube and various other sites, I was unable to find a serviceable link. The point of the clip was to illustrate John Coughlin in the "Kiss-and Cry" area directly after his championship skate. The announcer was telling the story of his Dad, as John ripped off his costume to reveal a "POLICE" T-shirt: I believe that his Dad is a Sergeant with the Kansas City Police Dept, and could not be there with his son because of his job, but as the two skaters were waving and crying into the TV screen, John was showing off his Police Pride, shouting out to the Kansas City PD, and thanking his Dad.
It was as cool moment. I wish they had left that in, but I totally understand why they pulled the video; these US Champs are on their way to the Worlds in two weeks time, and they probably can't risk anyone trying to steal elements from their routine.
This is a Cop's Kid to keep an eye on---now---and if my hunch is right, through the next Winter Olympics!

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