Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I had somebody ask me the other day: are you still suddenly a cop's wife? Hasn't it been a while now?
And no.
Yes, it's been a while now. But the place I'm in never ceases to amaze me; that I am still left hanging until the day before a big event to find out if he "can" go or not...I find it bizarre that a 40-year-old adult often has to strategize how and precisely when to ask for a Saturday off in February because of the Powers That Be. Keep in mind that Roc has tons of time saved, but the NYPD is like pulling teeth when it comes to knowing any one thing in advance.
Which makes me (still) feel as if I am thrust into the role of suddenly being in the midst of something I didn't sign up for...and therefore the blog name...stays.

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