Thursday, September 20, 2012

For the Ladies

This has less to do with being a Cop's Wife and more to do with being a Woman...but I am sharing here, because I think it's important to remind ourselves frequently to keep our thoughts in check.
I was getting on the train on Tuesday and I felt someone staring at me. Did you ever get that feeling? Sure enough, I turned around and there was a guy that was staring me up and down and then kept looking up and trying to sneak a look at my face.
Of course I thought I had something on my face.
And then it occurred to me: what if he was just looking at me because I was exceptionally beautiful? What if I was the only friendly face he had encountered that day, and he was simply looking for someone willing to share a smile? What if he was lost, and trying to make eye contact, so that perhaps I could point him in the right direction?
Why had my mind went immediately to the question: what is wrong? 
How often do we assume something is right? As women, do we automatically ask ourselves the self-conscious question first? If so, why?
And what if we changed?


  1. Probably because of things like this:

  2. Wow...very sorry that she had that experience...
    My point was more about how so many of us automatically shift to negative thoughts, rather than positive...


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