Friday, September 21, 2012

New Statistics

There were new statistics released today that deemed The Bronx New York City's poorest Borough. Out of the Five Boroughs that make up NYC, the Bronx has the highest levels of unemployment, as well as the twin occurrence of high obesity rates as well as high levels of hunger. The New York Times used the term "Bronx paradox" to describe this phenomenon.
For those people out there who like to inject race into everything, let me just say this: if you put just about anyone in a situation like will have the same results, regardless of race.
What results? High levels of drug abuse. High levels of violent crime. High levels of crime in general.   
Bronx County is listed as having 42% of all children living there living in poverty. This is according to: 
So what can we do? As people of Faith, we can pray for those trapped in the cycle of poverty. As Police Officer's Wives, we can pray for our Officer's Safety, knowing that they may have a tough tour every night, no matter what they encounter. As Citizens, we can hold our leaders accountable. As Volunteers, we can lend a helping hand. As Human Beings, we can feel for the children, even if it's the parents that are at fault here...for they were once children themselves.

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