Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clean Halls

This excerpt is from the New York Post, Bruce Golding reporting: 
 An "unprecedented" court hearing begins today into allegations that cops have been unlawfully stopping minorities outside thousands of low-income apartment buildings in The Bronx.
Plaintiffs in the case are seeking a court order limiting enforcement of a 1991 anti-crime program called "Operation Clean Halls."
Under the program — which targets illegal drug use and sales — landlords can ask the NYPD to patrol hallways and stairwells in search of nonresidents loitering there.
The Manhattan federal-court suit alleges cops are so "overzealous" that tenants have to carry ID just to do their laundry or visit neighbors.
Court papers also claim that legitimate guests are often arrested "because they only know their friend's first name or nickname or know the apartment only by the location, rather than the number."

I find this hilarious. How many of you out there only know your friend's first (or "street") name? Would you know that same person that you don't know well (let's face it...you only know their first name, how well do you know them?) enough to then go visit them at home? Adding to the hilarity is that NYC Landlords---who have gotten tired of the drug culture and the incessant loitering outside of their buildings---are the ones calling the NYPD and asking them to patrol the hallways.
Manhattan Federal Court Judge Shira Scheindlin is presiding over the case, which is even funnier to me. Because there's one thing I know for sure: Judge Scheindlin does not live in one of the buildings in question. Perhaps if she did...she might feel differently than the ruling that is expected from this Justice, who has a long history of painting cops as racist.
It goes back to this: if you're not doing anything wrong, you're not going to get arrested.
Call me crazy, but the Bronx is burning. The NYPD is trying to put out the fire, while all types of characters are still throwing matches into the flame.

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