Wednesday, October 17, 2012


For those of you who have been with me for a while now, you know that last October I starred in my Off-Broadway show entitled Suddenly Cop Wife which I also wrote and produced.
I performed it again this June and would love to continue to share it with Police Families everywhere.
If you know of a Police Organization or Family in need, feel free to contact me here for more information.

In the meantime, if you'd like a little piece of the Show to call your very own, I now have SCW T-shirts for SALE...directly to the right of this post. We sold some Tees at both Shows, but now I'd like to offer them out to the SCW Community. They are plain grey Tees available with either the "I'm a Cop's Wife...Get It?" or the "Are You Reading?" Patch located on the left breast front of the Tee. They're great gym shirts and they sort of remind me of the grey gym shirts Roc and everyone else had to sport while in the NYPD Academy. The only difference is that you get to rock some "Cop-Wife" Attitude with yours!!

I put the badges (in NY we call them Shields)  up on the Blog a while back, but my super-smart cousin Salvatore just helped me get the whole process ready for you to purchase. Please know that ALL purchases are totally confidential; I realize as a Cop's Wife how much some of you really need to remain anonymous on the Web, so you can always email me a request and/or the address you would like your T-Shirt sent to...PLUS I am coming up with a fun T-Shirt Giveaway coming up stay tuned...and go get your Tee!


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  2. Thanks and Keep Reading!
    :) Stella


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