Monday, November 12, 2012

A Day of Days

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Yesterday was Veteran's Day in The United States, even though most municipalities have designated today as the Holiday.
Yesterday was also Halloween in my storm-ravaged neighborhood.
And yesterday I heard Christmas Carols on the radio.
It was Roc's first day off in ten. We celebrated by picking up debris from our yard and then going out to dinner, accompanied by a glass or two of wine. I was emotional about everything yesterday; as I was talking about the kids in the neighborhood being able to Trick-or-Treat (finally!) I cried. Someone's Mom, who stood at the edge of my driveway, thanked me for putting my porch light on and answering the door, as there were so many who either forgot, are unable, or considered it a done deal at this point.
I get it.
Even though I'm into my Fabulous Forties at this point in my life, I can remember the Halloween fervor as if it were yesterday: the build-up, the planning, the preparation, the excitement...that crackling feeling in the air that kids could know and feel and even sometimes smell. It's an amazing thing, those memories, and Roc and I had a fun time reminiscing when we were out walking the dog yesterday, enjoying the new-fangled Halloween decorations such as orange lights strung from bushes.
(There was no such thing as Halloween lights when we were growing up!)
 I get it; and I think that's why I'm an easy cry...give me a good Hallmark commercial and you best be handing over the tissues as well. I'm not kidding. When we left for dinner late last night, I left a bucket on my front stoop filled with candy...I didn't want anyone to feel as if they had been missed.
New Yorkers are tough cookies; we have weathered this Storm, and we will weather others, only to come out on the other side tougher than ever before.
It's just in those tiny moments, when you see the tradition that won't be put down, the kindness of neighbors and the reaching out of friends that I let a tear escape.
I figure it's a good thing.
TOYS 4 BREEZY : A note to keep 'em coming, people! I want my Cop's Wives to really step up here and send in a toy if you can...and I want to thank you in advance because I know you will.
Note to Staten Island: You are NOT forgotten. I am sending stuff out to Long Island and Staten Island as well...I see you reading me...and I thank you...I want you to know I am praying for you...and my fellow Tri-State Area Police Family...please know that I am believing for all good things in the days ahead.

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