Thursday, November 8, 2012

Moving Forward with...TOYS!

 Toys For Breezy

I am calling upon my Cop's Wives and Girlfriends and Significant Others all around to take me up on this amazing offer to make a difference.
As so many of you know, I am irrevocably tied to my City; not only is my husband a member of New York's Finest, but the City That Never Sleeps has defined me in so many ways: every time I walk down Fifth Avenue, I throw my heart on the sidewalk and become one with the heartbeat of the City...and let's not even mention what happens when I tiptoe over to Broadway...!
I cannot stop thinking about the people at Breezy Point. Breezy Point Queens was so affected by the Storm; they not only took on tons of water, but the houses in one section caught fire and one by one went up in flames. There's absolutely nothing left.
If you'd like to read more:
And if you'd like to "Google Image" Breezy Point...go right ahead. But I warn you: it's devastating.
Here's where the good news comes in:
I "met" someone via social media the other day whose co-worker was one of the people who lost everything. She's a Mom, and had the idea that it would be a nice idea to begin to gather toys for the children of Breezy Point. Let's face it; these people will not be back to okay status by Christmas, and these kids already got screwed out of Halloween. On a kid's calendar, (if I remember correctly) Halloween and Christmas are just about the biggest days of the year. 
SO LET'S DO THIS. I don't care if you have one dollar to spend. Go to the Dollar Store and pick up a coloring book. Gather some other Cop's Wives and go in on something. If you normally do Toys for Tots, that's cool...but please consider giving to Toys for Breezy this Holiday Season.
My partner in crime---Ted---was able to secure some space at the College he works at, and you can mail in/send stuff there. He's pro-law-enforcement and therefore should be thanked profusely for putting his hand in and partnering with us to make a difference in a decimated area. If you're interested, you can send toys to:
Ted Schachter
c/oThe Fashion Institute of Technology
Fashion Institute of Technology
Seventh Avenue at 27th Street
Room B403
New York, NY 10001-5992

I also would like to recommend that we gather things like board games, BOOKS, stuffed animals, and mostly non-electronic toys. We have a situation here where we don't know where most of these people have been displaced to, and initially they may not have the money to buy batteries and/or have the facilities to plug things in, etc. Think practical and give from the heart.
Let's show how tough us Cop Wives are and go for it.
I happen to know for sure that God's going to Bless you for this.

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