Friday, December 21, 2012

Wish Me Merry Christmas

I was in a store yesterday, and the kid at the checkout balked. I saw it, heard it with my own ears. Just as we were about to wrap up the sale, he said "Meh---Happy Holidays!"
Let me just say this: I have no problem wishing someone Happy Holidays, especially when I don't know what they celebrate...I live in the NYC area for God's sake, we've got people from all over the world here, one for every denomination. And for years I was wished a "Happy Hanukkah" at one of my old jobs and I never got upset.
In an effort to be politically correct in America today, we've actually lost our individuality. We're painting everyone with the same broad brush. Part of the reason I love NYC is because of its diversity. Why not celebrate it?
If you see me, wish me a Merry Christmas. I promise, I won't get upset. In fact, I might even Thank You.


  1. I agree! I always say merry christmas and it makes me happy when someone says it to me.

  2. I think if anyone is willing to wish you a Happy/Merry Anything that it's a great gesture.
    :) Stella


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