Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Prejudice Everywhere

We prejudge people; it's everywhere, whether or not we want to admit it, and it permeates the very society we live in. Think about the last time you saw someone at work wearing something you consider's okay, you can admit probably said to yourself, "Wow, what the hell was she thinking?"
You pre-judged that person based on their outside appearance.
Perhaps they're legitimately color blind. Maybe they just had a rough morning. Hell, maybe they think they look great. Who knows? Perhaps they received shocking news that morning and just threw on whatever was available.
My point is: you don't know.
Last night, I was trolling the #NYPD feed on Twitter and I found an individual who thought it was incumbent upon him to comment about a car stop that he witnessed in NYC. He saw and took a picture of seven NYPD Officers pulling over a car of young men and expounded upon the fact that he felt this was not necessary.
I tweeted back: But did you hear the radio call?
What the general public fails to understand is that they have no idea why the police decided to pull over those individuals at that moment. Could it be that they got a call about a crime in progress, and the description of the car just happened to fit the description of the car the police pulled over? What if---imagine this---the police just got a radio call about illegal handguns, and a description fitting the car in question.
I realize I am preaching to the choir here, but I find it sad when the citizens of NYC find the need to comment on something they know very little about. When I questioned this person's arrogance, he eventually called me a racist. Of course. Because when you can't have an intelligent debate with someone, you should always devolve into name calling.
And here's the rub: this person is obviously prejudiced against Blue People. In today's society, that's perfectly acceptable. However, I would like to offer you this: my husband does not check the color of someone's skin prior to helping them. The same way he doesn't take this into account when making an arrest.

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