Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rooting for the Good Guys

Is anyone else watching this show?!?! I decided to get in on it early and was totally pissed off when I missed the first episode a couple of weeks ago. I'm strange like that...if I don't watch a series at the beginning from the very first episode...well, a lot of times then I just don't want to see it. So I searched out the Free On-Demand on my system and caught up later on that week, and then made sure I caught it last week and last night.
It is SO good!
I mean, I haven't seen anything this suspenseful in a long time. The storyline is shocking, and without revealing too much, let me just say that it's like taking a ride through a psychological Fun House. 
I also want to say that the reason I mention this is not because I am promoting this show. I don't work for Fox and could care less if you watch it. But I am intrigued by my response to the show; last night I actually cheered when Kevin Bacon---the good guy---got one of the bad guys. My dog jumped off the couch and barked, that's what I mean by cheered...and I found that I was rooting for the Law Enforcement Team no matter what.
A couple of hours later, I caught the late news and found out that the Hostage Standoff in Alabama finally came to an end. For those of you who weren't up on that: a five-year-old boy was taken hostage earlier last week by a deranged piece of crap in Alabama and the standoff ended last night with the kid being released and his abductor being shot dead.
Same response.
Fact or fiction, I always want to see the good guys win. I am not God; it's God's job to forgive people. I just want to see the bad guys taken out and the good guys win...every time. And for that, I make no excuses.

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